Jane Lennox

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Jane Lennox faces a major ethical dilemma

She is working under a boss who is very questionable in terms of business ethics

It has come to a point that she has disregarded ethics twice already and is going for a third time

Her boss is Martha Richards; she is experienced in the securities industry and is admired by many colleagues. Her only flaw seems to be her disregard for ethics when it comes to business transactions

She intimidates customers to the point that they buy what she sells without even having full knowledge of what they are getting into. This shows that she is very intense and focused on what she does but her selling point/style should be more customer oriented and should show more care to their needs.

Her second misdemeanor was promoting a company, which her boyfriend works for. This is mixing business with pleasure and is wrong in all instances- she has ulterior motives for conducting business other than the welfare of her company and clients

What Jane must now do is have a discussion with some upper level management, preferably the person who Martha Richards reports to, she should let them know of the activities that Martha has engaged in and talk about the repercussions. She should not look to get Martha fired but instead put in a HR training program focused towards ethics. Martha is an excellent performer but she must learn to stay within her boundaries so with the proper guidelines she should be able to fix herself. Maybe a sizable fine should be imposed on her activities so as to send her a message that she should never engage in such things again.