Impact of Socicology Has on Families

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Everyone has heard the saying you do not choose your family; but are a gift from god (Peters, 2011). Tutu could not have made a stronger statement about families. A family is defined as a basic social unit consisting of parents and children, considered as a group, whether dwellingtogether or not the traditional family (, 2011). Families are defining in different sociology theories functionalism, conflict, and interactionism.

Each family unit has their own social responsibility that each member takes on. For example, a father is usually the leader/head of the house and who is usually the bread maker. The mother is right behind and takes care of the household and children. However, family structures are unique and are always changing. What use to be considered, as the norm is now being question within families and the affects it will have on them and on society as a family. This is the period of divorces, along with broken homes. Reports of family violence, abuse, and sudden traumatic changes in families. Their roles in a family are not always clear which will change the whole dynamic and unity of a family. Some reflect reminiscence back to how “the good old days” of family life where (, 2011). When family unity and family bonds were richer and was less likely to be considered a “dysfunctional” family.

In today’s society, family types have changes. One noticeable change has been the rise of single parents raising children on their own, this all stems from the rise in divorces. More and more families live in the same house with an extended family member or members creating a different type of family known as a blended family. The reasoning is because to help with financial burdens families are faced with, help with childcare or caring for an ill parent. With the ever-changing beliefs of marriage and more marriages leading to divorce, and the changes people are making is impacting society because family values lower....