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When I access the Internet at home or at work I have expectations for Internet privacy. When I am at work I know that any website I go on is monitored and will be protected or blocked through my work Internet privacy settings. While at home I use Norton to make sure I have up-to-date Internet privacy settings and also that security checks are down on my computer. If I did not have Norton I would be more vulnerable to hackers because I do not have that extra security while using the Internet.

If I am using a library computer lab then I expect the websites I go on to be secure but I do not expect as much security as I would with my home or work Internet privacy settings. A library offers Internet to everybody and this can cause slow connections and or additional security threats. When I use a Wi-Fi zone I expect less security because it is not a connections I can control for instance using Wi-Fi at McDonalds. I can not control what security or privacy settings are used because it is a public connection.

I think it is illegal to use a neighbors’ wireless Internet signal if they do not know you are using it. I have tried to obtain neighbors’’ signal but always find there is a security code to enter which offers great privacy for Internet browsing. I know people will still act unethically and illegally and use a neighbors’ signal but unfortunately we will have ethical people act against their ethics to obtain access to the Internet,.