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Taking ownership of your future

Mike Smith



Peggy Wolfe

Taking ownership of your future

Even though some people do not commit themselves, there are three key factors in success because it requires setting goals and a complete follow up.

Finding personal strength is crucial. Time is the world’s most valuable currency maximizing one’s time is crucial to success. In wanting to attain my goals I have to know my strengths and make the most of those strengths within my time. A wise person once told me lives are into thirds. The first third is dedicated to sleep; there is nothing that can be done with that time. It is mostly out of our hands and reserved. The second third is reserved for working. The third part covers everything else: like eating, paying bills, sitting in traffic, going to the bathroom, church, hobbies, dates, etc. by knowing our strengths within our mediums we can maximize even more time toward attaining our goals.

Probably the best way to increase one’s odds of success is to focus on personal best. Personal improvement is vital in all facets of life. If we do not strive to be better we become comfortable. Once we become comfortable, goals tend to vanish and complacency sets in. Much like continuing education is important to doctors so should continuing education be to the rest of the student population. As our attainable goals grow, so should we. There must always be room for growth at every level.

Success is measured by happiness, not by wealth or fame. By knowing our strengths and increasing our odds, attainable goals can be set and built upon. The journey of being a student is not an easy one but by taking advantage of attainable goals our success and happiness are no doubt sure to follow.

As in any other professions it is important that we set goals to achieve. Goals give us motivation and drive. Goals are at the very nature of what...