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Government Website Paper:

Jennifer Kimbrough

BPA 301

October 29, 2012

Carah Koch

Government Website Paper:

The Government Website that will be discussed in this paper will be This particular Government Website provides useful information for the public. is a site set up so that people can find information that will help all type of people to find information and utilize tools to learn about staying healthy. This Website has a lot to offer to the public. Some of the things that this Website has to offer would be; quick guide to healthy living, personal health tools, health A-Z, find services and information, popular requests, and the site is also offered in Spanish.

Examples on the Website

Some of the examples that has to offer to the public would quick guide to healthy living. Quick guide to healthy living is a tool that can be used to research information about things such as nutrition and fitness, HIV and STDs, important screening tests, pregnancy, cancer screening and prevention, everyday health and wellness, information on diabetes, information on heart health, public health and safety, information for parents to have healthy kids, health tips for women, and health information for older adults. With this tool clicking on the topic that is of interest will pull of information that will be helpful and give a clear understanding.

Personal health tools are another think that the Website has to offer to the public. Personal health tools are free interactive tools offered to the public. This tool will allow the people to check their health, receive personal advice, and keep up with their progress. With this tool he/she can do online checkups. By doing online checkups this will allow the person to an online quiz that will allow them to learn about their health and lifestyle, and find out if they maybe at risk for a disease or poor health conditions. Activity and Menu...