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The discovery of computer was the great function of modernity for different application to make work easier, more capable, and more adaptable for the humanity. It has brought a new level of knowledge that became the new standard in the industry. It made the school works more efficient for students and provided path to communicate to entire earth. Nowadays, computer based system is commonly used by every company and institution and one of this is computerized enrollment and grading system.

Our system, the Lingayen Elem.School Enrollment System is for the Lingayen Elementary School, the system is develop to help the said school in their enrollment and grading process, to make it more faster and reliable.

1.1Background of the Problem:

Lingayen Elem. School is an elementary school that is located in Alang-alang ,Leyte . This school is composed of 6 teachers and 1 principal, and has a number of 180-200 students. In every grade level, one teacher is assigned, and that teacher teaches all the students of that grade level.

The said elementary school has this slow process of enrolling because there are only six teacher that handles the enrolling process, the student have to wait for a few days to be enrolled. And because the teacher manually computed the grades of each student, there is a possibility that the grades are not reliable.

1.2 Overview of the current technology being implemented:

Leyga Computerized Enrollment System – system features: can add student information. Then, in the student list, it can update, search, delete, just like in our system. However, this system has payment or charges. This system filters students by selecting school year, grade level. Then, appears the number of students and the information of the student

Iloilo Enrollment Grading System – system features – this system record student information and it can also update it. The system compute the grades of the student through “Form 137” like interface, this...