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 I would set up a constitutional democracy with a three-tier system much like our own and try to implement it in a country like Iraq where religion plays a big part in politics. The differences would be a judiciary would be independent and elected in a general election much like the states do it here. The highest court would be the Constitutional court that would hear only cases pertaining to the Constitution; whereas the Supreme Court would be the highest court of appeal for any cases not pertaining to the constitution.   This would lighten the load and burden of our highest courts from having to take on the burden of so many different court cases, or quick appeals when it comes to important matters.

For the legislative branch I would have a Congress with the number of representatives dictated by the size the different religious groups of the province. The more populous groups will have the most representatives. No matter how small the group is, you will have representatives. They will be elected to a four year term of service. At least one-quarter of the members of the Council of Representatives must be female. The responsibilities of the Council of Representatives include enacting federal laws, monitoring the executive branch, and electing the president of the republic.

The executive branch would consist of the Presidency Council (one president and up to four vice presidents) and a Council of Ministers (one prime minister, four deputy prime ministers, and 20 cabinet ministers). The president is the head of state, protecting the constitution and representing the sovereignty and unity of the state, while the prime minister is the direct executive authority and commander in chief. The president and vice presidents are elected by the Council of Representatives. The prime minister is nominated by the president and must be approved by a majority of members of the Council of Representatives. Upon nomination, the prime minister-designate names the members of his...