Public Personnel Today Pad530 Assignment 1

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Luis Raffo-Carlin

Dr. Richard Ross


October 2012


Every society must have a public workforce that can serve society in an effective and efficient manner. Today in order to understand the ways that the public work force can be affected in the service we are going to analyze and explain critical trends affecting the growth of public personnel today. Growth is just the dimension of the public sector. Also the public workforce has been affected by changing in demographics. A clear example of how demographics can change a government is the last presidential election. Therefore, we need to analyze and evaluate strategies needed to create a diversified workforce. Finally the composition of the workforce can be affected by the strategies the government must address to sustain union membership and representation among public workforce. The public work force is the employees of federal, state, local, and nonprofit organizations. Public personnel or public workforce refers to human resources who work in the public sector and provide public services to citizens whether local, state, national, or even international. The public personnel most important function is to allow the public organization to serve for the wellbeing of society.

Analyze and explain four (4) critical trends affecting the growth of public personnel today.

The dimension of the public sector is very important because in can affect the government needs and efficiency to serve society. Some of the trends affecting the growth of public personnel today are economic changes, demographics, technology and the work environment and the role of citizens in the governance process. The Globalization of the economy has affected the...