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Underage Drinking

Many teens in society face adult problems at a very young age. Underage drinking is a major problem among teens. Teens are being pressure into doing negative acts, at a very young age. I believe the drinking age should be raised to 23. Underage drinking can lead to severe and tragic consequences including car crashes, rape academic failure, and alcoholism.

Teens that begin drinking before age 23 are more likely to depend on alcohol. I’ve seen friends become alcoholics in such little time. I have attended parties were there’s a lot of alcohol, and all the peers do is drink and take shots. Apparently drinking to teen is “Cool”. In my opinion, alcohol shouldn’t be involved in a social event for those under age 23. These events are an everyday activity which can lead to serious drinking problem such as alcoholism.

Drinking and driving is a major problem throughout The United States. Driving requires permanent attention at all times. The presence of alcohol in the body can seriously affect the function of a body, leading to fatal road accidents. Young adults are less likely to observe traffic, sighs, less control of your reaction, will most likely find it difficult to drive in a straight line and etc. All of these are signs of drunkenness. I believe is better not to drink at all if you are going to drive.

When teens drink they are less able to make a wise and responsible decision. While the body is intoxicated, it is vulnerable, weak, and can lead to rape. People take advantage of those situations. For females it is more easily to happen them, because young lady when they go to a

party tend to look attractive. Rape can also lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Both female and male teens can suffer emotional and physical abuse in the long run.

Also, underage alcohol use increases the risk of academic failure. Alcoholism results consequences such as memory loss, distraction, low grades, skipping, and violence among peers. It’s important to...