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Running Head: Race Differences Throughout the Justice System 1

Race Differences Throughout the Justice System

DeVry University

Race Differences Throughout the Justice System Carollo 2

The race differences throughout the justice system can be a successful journey or a very difficult one for a person of a certain race. It all begins with a person’s childhood and how their families raised the person. The issues that a child has to deal with while growing up come into play when then become an adult. Taking a look into our prisons and getting statistics on which races are in there more than other will give us a closer look on what is going on through the justice system. Then, researching what happens when people get out of prison, will give us a general idea of what happens throughout the justice system also. Many prisoners are lost throughout the system and many are hardworking and successful when they leave the prison. I will also talk about why certain races do not end up with positions such as lawyers and judges.

Growing up in a certain environment and around certain family and friends will have a big affect on how you grow up as an individual. Young children growing up around their friends will have a big influence on how they turn out as an adult. Peer pressure is a big reason why kids get into trouble early on in their childhood. It is all about whom you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with people who do bad things then you will most likely be doing the same. It is very hard for a young child to not follow someone that is close to him/her doing something wrong. It is only later on when they mature more that they know the consequences of bad behavior. According to the article, “Born bad or made bad?” Laurance writes about

Race Differences Throughout the Justice System Carollo 3

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