High Voltage Converter Is Applied in Reversible Crusher

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Antagonistic hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for the raw coal production line, with good crushing ratio, high production capacity and uniform particle size, the crusher is popular and the uniformity of the size of a grain is directly related to the yield and quality of the coke. Product particle size is determined by the rotational speed of the rotor and the crushing plate gap. The reversible hammer is a breaking equipment with broken plates on both sides. The rotor can be bi-directional and the operation can take full advantage of both sides and the broken hammer board.

The inverter using drag is for automatic bypass and it possess a positive reversal function. Input the sway-phase transformer high-voltage transformation ,the network side groups of low pressure is in the secondary side.The inverter control system receives a control command of the user, trigger, blockade and bypass control. Each of the power module is to provide the appropriate frequency and voltage output for the inverter. The control system also monitors the status of the various components of the inverter to find out fault diagnosis and fault alarm.

Benefits of the application of HVC:

(1)It is interchangeably calculated in accordance with a single year total running time, the transformation of the drive will achieve the expected energy saving effect.

(2)Soft motor starting current is far less than the rated current, pollution on the grid is reduced.

(3) It can reduce the start-mechanical torque of the motor damage and reduce noise. The life of the motor and many components will be extended.

(4) When the collapse of material occurs load volatile. The torque calculation speed of the vector control is very fast. The load changes can be limited to the rated torque to avoid overloading and accidental tripping.

(5) The control system can automatically identify the motor reversing operating parameters to eliminate human mistakes.

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