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Knowing your audience/Communication release: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse





Knowing your audience/Communication release: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

Knowing your audience is one of the crucial key to any effective communication according to authors of “Communicating in a Workplace” (Chapter 9, Communicating in the Workplace, by Thomas Cheesebro, Linda O’Connor, and Francisco Rios. P. 206). Knowing who you communicating your message to enables speaker (sender) to tailor language, structure of the message, elements of persuasions you may need to apply. When Chilean Copper Mine collapse happened at San Esteban mine which is near of the city of Copiapo, leaving 34 miners trapped underground as BBC news reported on August 6, 2010, the corporation officials had a difficult task at hand apart from organizing rescue procedures, communicating the true picture of what is going on to the families and employees (facts using logos (logical connection) and pathos (addressing emotional needs) without promoting more panic and in some cases anger. Not knowing what has happened to the loved ones, where they are, whether they are safe and that the lives and rescue of the miners are at the heart of the company officials. The chosen representative would have to be able to establish trust and reassurance that the concerns are important to them and will be addressed, financial and psychological help will be made available to families who set up Camp Hope waiting for the event to unwrap and in fear hoping for the best. When addressing the employees apart from reassuring them that all efforts will be made to bring miners out of the entrapment as soon as possible , in order to ensure people who will have to go back to mines again that they will not be left in such disastrous circumstances alone. Also when speaking to both parties, families and employees, officials as they did according to Jennifer Yang’s article “ From collapse...