Challenges and Effects of the Power Equipment Industry

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In recent years, domestic power equipment industry gets into transition and adjustment period during development. Gradual recovery begins in the second half of the year and the market demand will rebound. Since the domestic market is of economic stability maintenance, domestic power plant equipment industry orders began to rebound since August. This has been significant growth than first half year of the international market. Southeast Asia and the Indian market will have a significant increase in the five years Vietnam plans to complete 240 billion of investment, while India also plans to increase the installed capacity of 146,500 MW, most of the equipment orders will be from China.

Major steam turbine production business again become saturated, but the cost reduction and efficiency measures are taken in the recession. But the economic situation has not changed and relaxation. Benefited in the past year, the steam turbine enterprise from the implementation of cost reduction and efficiency measures under the optimization management and procurement measures will continue to promote the work process for optimization in an orderly manner. Turbine companies focus on optimizing the choice of work not only to a lot of high-end tool brand enterprises for turbine business but it will also bring a lot of opportunities for them to endure the competitive pressures faced by domestic tool suppliers. As a member in heavy industries, we provide large scale machine such as ball mill. Not the same as the cutter tool industry which is influenced largely by the situation of power equipment industry. How to withstood the pressure and to seize the opportunity will be a problem for domestic tool industry.

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