Plastic Machinery Industry to Expand European Market

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The uneven quality of domestic products cause the problem that the export volume is put into first place. Imported machines are of high quality products with high prices. Chinese export presses should enhance the security level, it will definitely have broader international market space in Italy and Germany and other European. In recent years, the level of security has been greatly improved in China, but it is still very difficult to face barriers to export to Europe. However, due to the Austrian native production trend of higher technology and more expensive mid-priced market, Chinese companies have made the same quality plastic machines with the same quality.

German Engineering Federation forecast that this year's rubber machinery market will decline by 7%, it is not because the market may appear in normal fluctuations, but according to last year's amazing growth expected this year and the current slowdown in the economic cycle. China enterprises need to enhance the quality of the country manufacturers. It is lack of sales and customer service network. Chinese manufacturers can compete with foreign manufacturers, they should continue to strengthen its own R & D capacity and to improve the technical level to meet the requirements of foreign customers. Some other machinery such as heavy industry also need to pay attention to safety level, such as in the process of stone production line. China security specifications formulate meet the safety standards which equivalent to ISO globally recognized around the world Association. Chinese manufacturers hope to open up foreign markets, they must comply with the standard set in each place. There is no doubt that the competition in the Chinese market in recent years have became more intense, but as long as the machines have high quality, there are still great opportunities for the development in Europe.

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