Neoliberalism and Affect on Healthcare

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Samuel Menard

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Neoliberalism, and its ideology, have had a profound impact upon various economies around the world, and have largely influenced developing and established healthcare systems. This essay will state the basic ‘rules’ behind neoliberalism, along with its approaches to healthcare. Through issues around decreased Access Quality, Transformed Values, and healthcare efficiencies, the different aspects of a neoliberal approach, both negative and positive, will be explained.

Neoliberalism is a rather broad and general concept referring to an economic model or paradigm that rose to prominence in the 1980’s. Built upon the classical liberal ideal of the self-regulating market, neoliberalism comes in several strands and variations. Neoliberalism is often looked at as three intertwined manifestations: an ideology; a mode of governance; and a policy package (Manfred B Steger, 2010). Neoliberalism was originally introduced in order to solve various economic problems, including; high unemployment rates, worldwide inflation, and underdeveloped welfare systems. Many policies where therefore introduced such as; liberating private enterprise’s from the government, cutting public expenditure for healthcare and education, promoting foreign direct investment, and eliminating borders and barriers to allow for mobility of labour (Ezeonu 2008). Integration of many of these policies was introduced through various international organizations which have a strong influence in ‘third world’ and developing nations. Institutions like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, or World Trade Organization, are some of the prominent influences in these countries, and are credited with globalization.

One of the key elements in a neoliberalism approach is its opposition towards government intervention and large government expenditures, and the stress put on privatization and deregulation (Harvey, 2005). This ideology is the...