Application Instruction of Yifan Crusher Impact Crusherapplication Instruction of Yifan Crusher Impact Crusher

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In order to keep YIFAN Impact crusher long service life , some important key should be obey:

I. Preparation before impact crusher starting

A. Inspect very carefully to ensure that all the bearings are well lubricated and that there is sufficient grease in the bearings.

B. Inspect very carefully to ensure all joints can be moved smoothly and to smear them with grease just the right amount.

C. To ensure all the fasteners have been carefully tightened.

D.Inspect the crushing chamber to ensure there is no the uncrushable.

E.Inspect and to ensure the gaps between blow bars and impact plates to reach the operating requirements.

F. Rotate the rotor manually and observe if there is any abnormal condition. Any strike from the blow bars and other parts is not permitted.

II.The starting of the impact crusher

A.The crusher may be started after a careful inspection shows that all parts are in good condition.

B.After the crusher has been started ,if any abnormal condition occurs,the operation must be immediately stopped,only when the causes thereof have been found and the faults remedied,operating again is allowable.

C.No-load testing must be more than 4 hours.

The normal operation of stone production line can not do work without jaw crusher. According to the different requirements of production process, we should use the jaw crusher with different type and model in stone production line. Some stone production line adopts a broken molding, but some mineral processing equipment uses secondary crushing to shape. The two processes are adopted the different crusher equipment .

Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant:

Stone production line is a common kind of mine production, Its equipment composition is larger. Its main process is: the material is through the feeding machine, jaw crusher, after they are broken, they will enter intothe sand making machine, impact crusher, and then they begin to be screen...