Baking Machinery Industry in China Face Challenges

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Food machinery is of unreasonable product structure, small and medium-sized device is in low-level standards. Large complete sets of equipment developed slowly and there is still a lot of repeat introduction. Some energy-consuming machinery do not have high technology, the product fails to promptly eliminate. Bakery machinery is of no exception. Thermal efficiency is low, mass production of many manufacturers, including noodle machine, oven and beat egg machine, have resulted in product backlog. Lower bakery machinery manufacturing technology development are mostly in small and medium-sized enterprises. It has weak capacity of scientific and technological development. In particular, many small manufacturers accustomed imitation product design and manufacturing technology are often introduced from abroad. The food machinery enterprises in developed countries have advanced machinery and manufacturing equipment and first-class enterprise management, the production technology and management level are in the leading position. In developed countries, food machinery industry emphasis on information collection. A company usually has a specialized collection. Collation and analysis of market information agencies often provide reliable evidence of market forecast analysis for corporate decision-making in a timely manner. The small and medium-sized enterprises need to join the Association or Group to get the required information.

Nanotechnology is a newly developed technology. The advantages of smart technology in bakery machinery is particularly prominent. After years of operation and development, machinery industry is between the transition to the automated machines. Many stone crushing plant producer and manufacturers are trying to realize this transition. Manufacture of bakery machinery in China now are concentrating on the production of semi-finished products and evaluation equipment, such as gluten analyzer, tensile tester, fermentation. Infrared...