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In recent years, the company has been losing customers to competitors (specifically Lightning Plumber) while experiencing a decline in job satisfaction and job motivation across the job spectrum within the company. This dissatisfaction among employees and customers alike is attributed to the overspecialization of certain jobs within the company that, in the past, has allowed the company to operate effectively with low costs.

In recent years, this overspecialization has led to negative outcomes including incorrect order processing, customer service issues with billing representatives, and customer service issues with plumbers and plumbers’ assistants. Meanwhile, the company hired a management consulting company to assess worker attitudes. A survey found that our employees were less satisfied than other employees in comparable jobs. Obviously, the company is in trouble, and as revenues shrink and cost savings fail to emerge, a change is evident to survive in this competitive industry.

As a newly hired regional manager who previously worked for Lightning Plumber, there has been a decline in attitude that does not correspond to the energetic work environment at my previous employer. I believe that using a cash rewards program will improve employee performance, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and ultimately company profits. Moreover, we need to hire people who are a better fit with the company’s new goals. Current hiring procedures are unstructured and inconsistent among each location’s general managers. It is believed that standardizing the hiring process will produce employees that have better customer service and organizational behavior tendencies.

Issue Identification

It is evident from the survey conducted that our employees are not satisfied with their jobs. Each work group has complained about the output of other work groups within the company. For example, order processors often have trouble diagnosing the exact problem based on the...