Corrections Management and Models

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Organization Models

Within the correctional system there are three different organization models that are being used within it. They include the Authoritarian model, Bureaucratic model, and Participative model. So I will describe and explain how each of these models applies to the correctional environments. I will also discuss the intended goal of corrections administrations in which utilize the model and the time period that it was developed as well as if it was effective throughout that time period. This information will provide us with the foundation of the correctional system and the models within it and if these models are effective now. A correctional facility operates under these models to provide the inmates with a specific type of care and security. When these models are in place within the correctional facility they operate differently depending upon which model is being used. I will discuss how these models operate under the specific models. The advantages and disadvantages of using these models vary. I will discuss these as well because they have become the reason why these models are used within specific correctional systems. Since every facility is different they cannot utilize the same model. They have to use one that best fits and benefits them. This brings me to discussing what model would be the most effective in a correctional setting as well as examples of these models. From here I will explain why these examples would be effective for the correctional settings.

The Authoritarian model, Bureaucratic model, and Participative model are all organization models that are used within a correctional setting. Each of these plays a specific role in these settings that are critical to the corrections system. The Authoritarian models are the ones that make all of the decisions no matter of the other member’s input. They are an authority figure and they dictate to others direction as well as leaving them in the dark about any future plans. They will...