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Public relations, generally, is the art of creating positive relationships between yourorganization and potential clients or consumers. The basis of this effort is simply'trust building'. Trust is becoming more difficult to engender as consumers become understandably more skeptical — largely due to the actions of small-time operatorsas well as some major corporations in some cases. Building the necessary trustrequires solid facts, solid concepts and a clear message that the organization viewsits ethics as the road to success.

This is where your public relations are critical, and good speech writing can not onlyprovide you with effective public speaking material, the same copy can also be usedas a basis for your printed materials as well!

The Speech.

Speech writing has become one of the most coveted public relations skills. The importance of art of the speaking is now more feet than ever before. Whether one is an executive, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a public relations practitioner, a journalist, an accountant or a politician, they cannot be successful without knowing how to speak. A good speaker is a good listener too. Knowledge, confidence and delivery are the basic elements of an effective speech and that requires training. One has to develop self-confidence and try to remove fear of psychosis slowly.

• Think before you speak. Think about what you are going to tell your audience. Identify few main points you want to address, start with the most important. People can only absorb so much audio information at a time, so presenting too many facts and figures will confuse and bore people

• Know your message, about what you are going to speak. You have to talk, not read a speech.

• Know something about the audience. You have to find a “hot buttom” of your audience. Know their interest. To get attention from them.

• Get the points quickly. Then, it is easier for the listener to remember what you said.

• Plan and prepare in advance what you want to...