Google Inc.

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Google is arguably the most popular search engines available today. This company is widelyknown for its unparalleled search technology and page ranking algorithm, which runs onefficient distributed computer systems. Google’s superior search algorithm along with itsstrategic use of both software and hardware technology has proved to be one of its key earlysuccess factors. Another early success factor was the fact that PageRank, indexed web pagesmuch faster and cleaner plus the algorithm returned more relevant information than itscompetitors. This gave surfers a more useful search result and a less frustrating experience.Google’s network drew more advertisers because its platform offered more search traffic at alower minimum cost. In addition, after just one year as a company, Google indexed over one billion web pages, much more than its competition. This ensured Google would be able toreturn better search results for even more obscure or difficult queries.It is clearly evident that Google Inc’s. innovation in search technology contributed to it beingnumber one in the search engine business. Google demonstrated its innovative ability byconstantly improving on its search results and introducing new products into the market thatwere far superior to its rivals’ products.Google’s acquisition of people combined with its strong corporate culture was another keyearly success factor. During the technology bust, Google seized the opportunity to hire brighttechnologist and allowed them to focus on what they did best and that is to search. The

knowledge and skills that these employees brought were difficult to replicate and in somecases irreplaceable. An example of this was when Google hired former Microsoft VicePresident and academic professor Kia-Fu Lee. Following the principles of management guruPeter Drucker that “Knowledge workers believe they are paid to be effective” Google’semployees were well provided for. There were also allowed to spend 70% of their time oncore...