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Condition Monitoring Techniques q

(Electro – Mechanical Condition Monitoring)

Dr. G. R. Rameshkumar Senior Lecturer Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department Caledonian College of Engineering

5 March 2012 EMCM - Dr. G.R.Rameshkumar 1

Condition Monitoring Techniques

Various t h i V i techniques are used as a part of C diti M it i d t f Condition Monitoring. There are many machinery parameters that can be measured and trended to detect the on p set of problems.

What are the measuring methods that are used in Condition Monitoring

The major ones:

Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring is generally the key component of most condition monitoring techniques. f Almost all machine vibrate, and the link between these vibrations and the machine condition is both easily measured, and the results easily interpreted measured interpreted. Vibration Monitoring revels 70 – 80% of the mechanical problems associated with the machine.

5 March 2012 EMCM - Dr. G.R.Rameshkumar 2

Most common machinery problems that cause Vibration

Misalignment of Couplings, Bearings and Gears. Unbalance of Rotating components. Looseness. Deterioration of rolling-element bearings. g g Gear Wear. g Rubbing. Aerodynamic/Hydraulic problems in Fans, Blowers and Pumps. Electrical problems (unbalance magnetic forces) in Motors Motors. Resonance. Eccentricity of rotating components such as V B lt pulleys and gears. E t i it f t ti t h V-Belt ll d

5 March 2012 EMCM - Dr. G.R.Rameshkumar 3

Lubricant (Oil) Analysis

The second most common technique is the testing of Lubricant samples. Major benefits as it can detect the root cause of a problem, rather than the onset of problem itself itself. If the presence of particles such as sand and grit often in the form of very small dusts particles are detected in a lubricant, then they can be removed even before they cause any wear or d damage t seals, th to l through th i abrasive effect. h their b i ff t Lubrication oil is analyzed and...