Sandwich Blitz and the Government Inspector

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Sandwich Blitz and the government inspector

I believe Dalman and the location manager should use the doing the right thing set from

the eight step toward integrity. Doing the right thing is not to give in to the

government inspectors bribe. Just so this inspector turns the other way and get a free

meal. What where to happen if this inspector gets moved to another location , division

or even changes jobs. Then you have a new inspector who maybe stricter than the last

inspector was. Yes there is that chance you will get someone who will request the same

thing to give you a approval. But why take that chance. Dalman should also use the

taking responsibility step from the eight steps toward integrity. What Dalman needs to

do is take this matter before the right law makers that changed this law and get them

to amendment the easement at this location for him. This trash dumpster has been

in the same place for however many years Sandwich Blitz has been at this

location. Dalman should also use defining the rules and values when going before these

law makers, show them the fact to support your case. They should understand the

limitations that sandwich blitz location has with the small parcel of land.

Dalman need to also use the supporting our own weight of the eight steps toward

integrity. He needs to stand his ground for what he thinks is right. I think it should

be like any other law or code. If the condition is exsisting and there is a change made

to the law or code, you should not have to make changes unless you are remodeling or

making some kind of update to the location. Than as always you must bring things up

to current code standards.