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Project Definition Part II: Benefits, Success Criteria and Key Stakeholders


Maryam Idris Bugaje, 0728217


De Palma Hotel enjoys many benefits and competitive advantages, but we’ll focus more on the benefits the hotel derives from using an event management system to plan, organize and manage events in the hotel. To provide a brief background, the hotel uses a system call Rendezvous event reservation system which they acquired from Orbit Global from India they then customized it to fit their requirements. Below are some of the major benefits De Palma Hotels enjoy from using the system:

More Revenue

As pointed out by the manager of the hotel himself, when using the conventional system, there is no definite timing for an event and so if a particular venue is booked for an event, only that event can be held in that venue on that day. This is because the venue has to be prepared and cleared before holding other events in it and the manual system does not provide adequate timing information that would enable the hotel to hold multiple events in a given venue on the same day. This problem is solved by the Rendezvous event management system and the hotel now earns more by making maximum use of their facilities daily.

Centralized System

All the four branches of the hotel share the same database and Rendezvous event management system. Staff can check up the availability of event venues in other branches and recommend them for customers if the venues in their own branches are not available. It also aid information sharing and helps in making evaluations between the four branches.

Monitoring and Periodic Reporting & Assessment

The Rendezvous system gives automated and relevant/filtered information on daily, weekly, monthly and annual summary of events and business operations which would be required by managers and owners of the hotel to make certain business or managerial decisions

Easier Reservation

Before implementing the system, customers had to call or go...