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I think the narrator quickly went along with Roderick’s plan out of fear. He saw the horrifying, vulnerable condition that Roderick was in and wanted to do whatever he can to get him out of that state. I think the narrator was too scared to go against Roderick’s actions. This is probably completely wrong, but the way I interpreted it is that the house splitting into two represents the death of the twins. The house represents the state of the twins as well. Just as they became ill and died, the house broke in half representing the their death. Although they died together, the two twins who were one while they were alive are now separated by death, just as the house is now separated into two. This is completely true. Twins definitely have a different bond than typical siblings. It is as if they can read each other's minds. I wrote something similar in my post. I agree that Roderick's fear of loosing his sister without being prepared for it is what drives him to bury him alive. I like the connection you made with the house and the twins. This is very interesting. The house crumbling because there are no Ushers in it is similar to the twins both dying because of eachother. It seems as if Nurse Ratched looked at her patients as insane because of how different they were from her and other individuals in which she perceived as "normal".  I never thought about how psychological medicine was never developed.  This is a very interesting point you made which further proves our point about how these patients were just labeled as insane simply because they were different from society.  When they took the boat out and Mac introduced everyone as Doctors, the fishermen did not question it.  I don't think these patients were insane if they were able to keep it together outside of the ward.  Society seems to be quick to label and judge others if they come across differently than the norms of society.