Discrimination Booklet

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* Page 1: Introduction-discriminatory practices (Negative, Positive, direct and indirect)

* Page 2: Ethnicity

* Page 3: Religious Beliefs

* Page 4: Sexuality

* Page 5: Social class

* Page 6: Gender

* Page 7: Family structure

* Page 8: Disabilities

* Page 9 : Equality

* Page 10: Non discriminatory practice

* Page 11: How does discrimination prevent P.I.E.S development

To discriminate means to make choices based upon categories. If you like to eat small eggs but not large eggs, you discriminate in your egg consumption. That, of course, is a harmless example. If, however, you like to hire people of European descent and not people of African descent, that is a harmful form of discrimination, since it is unfair to qualified applicants who do not meet your ethnic criterion.

Discrimination may be on grounds of difference of color, nationality, religion, politics, culture, class, sex, age, or a combination of such factors

The four types of Discrimination are:

Negative discrimination -Often based on stereotype, includes anti-Semitism, caste, racism, sexism, and slavery. For an example if a person is shopping while wearing old clothes they may not be helped because they seem like they couldn't afford anything.

Positive discrimination- is regarded as the preferential treatment of members of a minority group over a majority group, either by sex, race, age, marital status or sex orientation. It is generally considered illegal and unlawful. An example of positive discrimination would be to choose a woman to serve on a committee, simply because she is female and women are underrepresented.

Direct Discrimination- Where an employee or prospective employee is less favorably treated because of their race, sex, marital status (including civil partnerships), religion, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, disability, pregnancy or maternity. This tends to be obvious discrimination, for example, a female candidate with the best...