Questionnaire for Rizal

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this chapter, the learners must be able to:

1. Give 5 reasons that are highly persuasive, justifying the importance of studying Rizal Course

2. Appreciate the patriotic objectives of the R.A. 1425

3. Write a short essay (3 paragraphs) entitled "Rizal is my Hero"


Taking up Rizal course for credits, like reading Shakespeare to get by in English courses, can be tiresome business for the youth. If reading and discussing the texts can’t be fun, but boring, Rizal will be nothing more than a label for beds, matches, cements, and corporations. “There’s much more to the hero and martyr than an object of reverence or a handy tool for inane speeches and orations. His works must be reflected on not simply because it is a solemn duty but mainly because they are relevant to our time and place.”


1. Why do you study Rizal Course?

2. If the study of Rizal Course is not mandatory, would you be interested to study the course? Why?.

3. What are the Patriotic Objectives of the Rizal Law?

4.What makes historical-critical approach different from the traditional (chronological) approach in the study of history? Which approach is more interesting and more engaging? Why?

5. Can you name some sacrifices Rizal had? Can you name the best sacrifice you ever had for your family?

6. Think of one social problem that confronts us today, then explain how Rizal's ideas will deal with the problem.

7. What is the difference between a "Modern Day Hero" and a "Victorian Hero". What makes Rizal a modern day hero?