Shanghai Zenith Grinding Mill Application with the Solid Waste

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Grinding machine is crucial in today's

construction business, mining equipment, it truly is the the cone crusher, effect crusher, sand

machineries required for the robo sand plantcreating fine grinding following essentially the most

Equipment, flour mill stone could be stated of today's paper, paint, grinding, as well as other ores,

non-ore crushing the best equipment. Using the latest

The frequent occurrence of organic disasters, warning persons to defend the atmosphere

without having delay, the focus of a national solid waste management solutions and powerful assistance

Emission reduction projects, consequently, solid waste disposal milling machine has good

application prospects.

Slag processing and steel processing, and slag, slag processing equipment shall be two major

potential markets within the future. Following remedy for the Slag: Slag is usually a high

Furnace iron producing, steel making the inevitable product in the production method, for example

refining 1 ton of steel each have 12% to about 14% on the slag, slag utilization rate is

presently about 10%. Slag

DUMPING a waste of sources, environmental pollution, destruction of ecological landscape,

occupation of land, does not meet the recycling economic climate and sustainable development of your

basic national policy.

National "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" issued a thorough utilization rate of smelting slag

86% from the target, making the slag iron and steel enterprises are facing a "zero emissions"

Urgent job. Slag processing, to begin with you can use for coarse jaw crusher broken, and

then use the crusher, cone crusher for secondary

Crusher, and then use the effect crusher (sand producing machine) for 3 broken, and in the event the

material needed to reach the fineness may also use the mill

, Fine grinding mill.

Slag, slag processing equipment. China's...