Find New Growth Point for Foreign Trade

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Light industry, textile and other labor-intensive industries are the main forces of China's exports. The old industry gradually fade out at the same time. New industries will have higher production ability .Instead, the new test of China's industrial pattern changes. China's light industry has shifted outwards gradually, especially low-end processing and manufacturing sectors have shifted outwards faster. Heavy industrial products, such as ball mill, are exported abroad and it is developing fast. Some famous international brand companies have also in recent years transferred some foundry business from China to Southeast Asia. Some of China's enterprises have also taken the initiative methods for some products to be shifted outwards in order to maintain international competitiveness. RMB exchange rate and the target market have became important factors for them to choose the relocation. China's labor-intensive industries in the high-end capacity remains stable even the low-end capacity outflow also is not too fast because China also continues to be the "factory of the world".

China is losing low-end manufacturing capacity and this would indeed have some impact. Traditional manufacturing strengths also need to maintain the momentum of foreign trade growth and also played a large role in the stability of employment. China's foreign trade pattern is transferred from number pulling to the price pulling quietly. In China, it is urgent to develop new foreign trade growth point. The responses of the individual enterprise is committed to enhance the independent innovation and cultivate independent brands instead of low-end production capacity. Product quality upgrading will eventually bring the whole industry to form a mature technical and complete development system.

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