Machine and Hardware Tool Industries Need Technical Innovation

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In recent years, the labor shortage is frequent and the wages continue to raise. With the macro economic downturn, the manufacturers are facing great and unpredicted pressure, especially labor-intensive enterprises. Machine tool manufacturing industry is an important manifestation of the high-end equipment industries in China. The machine tool enterprises aim to enhance production precision to meet the efficiency requirements. Automation has been widely used in the production of this industry. Lack of talent has accelerated the pace of production automation and more and more attention has been paid to this area. Because of the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, China has become a global electronics manufacturing center. However, under the new situation, rapid development of manufacturing technology, pressure of the overall operating costs, as well as the efficiency and flexibility requirements from the manufacturers, make the electronics manufacturing automation equipment more and more widely used throughout world. Manufacturers need to pay attention to the innovation both in production and application. China's hardware industry has become a veritable member of the five large hardware tool manufacturing countries. However, the current hardware business in China is still facing in challenges. Developing technical innovation and the brand are effective methods to achieve this goal.

Exports of metal products can only earn 3% of the total value. Despite of the scientific and technological content, reputation, which is also been called brand, is the main problem. Anyhow, in order to make a brand, the products must be of high quality. Technical innovation is a very important factor during the process. This situation can also be applied to heavy industry products , such as stone production line. Enterprises need to invest in this area.

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