Energy Saving Innovation of Frequency Conversion Compressor

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From the aspects of product design,5 million tons to 50 million tons of sewage sludge will be dealt with by system processing. The technology of the mechanical filtration system, aeration treatment system and sludge dewatering system equipment in China can reach the international level. The enterprises are able to provide complete sets of equipments. But in areas of biogas power generation system and monitoring system, there is still a large gap compared with developed countries. Newest equipments with advanced technology need to be produced to meet the demand of the market.

The government has always been supporting the national energy saving industry and the development of enterprises is restricted by the energy crisis. More and more people and companies become concerned about energy saving in the production process. For a long time, air compressor with aerodynamic has provided gas power in manufacturing process, but at the same time, it also costs a lot of electrical energy and is called electric tiger. Frequency conversion air compressor can control the motor speed by the converter and provide gas according to the demand of customer. Power loss of the loading and unloading can be avoided. Frequency conversion air compressor can not only ensure stability of the gas but also improve the technological level of the product. The cost of electrical energy will be saved. With the rapid development of air compressor industry, the products, service, accessories all have developed into mature industries and the competition has become increasingly fierce. Other machinery industry enterprises , such as cement making plants, are also aiming at environmental protection and energy saving. It is a trend of the machinery development.

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