Superior Performances of the Aluminum Alloy

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After the components such as rare earth elements and iron are added, conductive property and connection performance of aluminum alloy has been greatly enhanced. When the conductor annealed and the iron was added to make high-strength creep resistance performance. When the current is overload, iron plays a role of continuing connecting. The aluminum alloy conductor does not creep. Aluminum cable insulation materials used flame retardant cross-linked polyethylene. The structure is of the self-locking armored craft and the thermal performance is far superior than that of the PVC material. The heat can extinguish quickly after the flame disappears. It has excellent flame retardant performance. Aluminum cable uses new materials and technology to ensure its security.

Non-magnetic material does not produce the eddy current but it can reduce the loss of the line. The aluminum alloy strip packaging material is a non-magnetic, even in the presence of the three-phase unbalanced current, it will not produce the eddy current and this made it possible to reduce the loss of the line. Elongation is an important indicator of conductor mechanical properties and is an symbol of product strengths and weaknesses. It can withstand the external force. The test cable conductor is an important indicator of the mechanical properties. Compared with copper cable, aluminum alloy cables has superior safety performance, electrical performance, and mechanical performance. Price of aluminum cable is only about 75% of the copper cable. It can also save the installation costs. Because of the good bending performance and light weight, the aluminum is easy to install. A lot of installation materials will be saved and installation costs can be reduced by 20% - 50%. As a mining machinery equipments provider, we produces many cement production line equipments with high quality.

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