Organization Behavior Case Study: Lack of Learship to Failure of a Beauty Salon

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OB Problem Sharing

Regarding to the organizational behavior in workplace, some issues happened in my previous company where a lack of a leadership in the supporting administrative office caused to the unsuccessful business development to the whole group.

The previous organization that I worked with was a luxury beauty group. The organization was composed of three beauty salon outlets and one administrative office. The administrative office consisted of 6 female employees from entry to mid-level only. No manager or leader was assigned in this office. One of the owners of the organization came to the office occasionally to settle paper works and documents. This owner was supposed to be the head of office and yet since she was out of the office most of the time, no control or management was properly imposed.

Without an official leader in the office, the employees worked the minimum works to fulfill the day to day requirement to help the salon outlets running. Although many administrative works were supposed to be duties of the administrative office, they were sent back to the salon outlets. Works such as job reference record, magazine sponsorship advertisement archives were done by the salon outlet. Hard copies of these documents were sent back to office for storage. Since no particular staff was dedicated on this task and no manager was there to assign works, documents such as these are often just piled up on bookshelves without proper organization.

Whenever the salon outlet made request for doing extra works than what the office staffs have been doing daily, excuses of being very busy and occupied in the current job duties were made. Whenever the owner came back, the office employees pretended to be hard working and very busy to show that they were not able to take up any extra works than what they have been doing. Instead, taking up one hour for breakfast and playing facebook games together in the morning, doing online shopping and chatting have...