Marketing Environment for Lipton

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Technological forces

Technological force is ones of the marketing environment that influence Lipton tea. A technology innovation is becoming a global process. Every company are facing it, Lipton Tea is facing it also. It can let Lipton Tea have a sudden and dramatic effect on its environment. By improve the technology, Lipton can create many new opportunities. For examples, Lipton Tea can increase the product line by develop a new flavor. Besides that, Lipton Tea also can improve the procedure of making tea. It can help them lower the cost of procedure and also improve the quality of tea such like the colour, aroma, taste and goodness of the tea. In Lipton Tea, there are a Tea technology group which has over 100 people working around the world. They are group in India, Kenya and UK. The main objective of them is to add values to teas and make teas great for the customer. For the example, they developed the pyramid bag so that tea leaves can put inside the pyramid bag and let consumer make a cup of tea easily. Beside that, there are a key innovation that done by them. It is the differentiated green tea that just launched in japan and it is special because it is a new process that allow Lipton Tea to use a black, Assamica type of leaf to deliver a tasty green tea. The name of this green tea is Lipton GoRyoku.

Competitive force

Competitive forces also can affect Lipton Tea. For a globally company, Lipton Tea need to face many competitor from different country. Here is some example of competitors that Lipton Tea facing :

Country name Company Name

Canada Red Rose Tea

China Ten Fu Group

France Fauchon

They can be clarify by 5 type of competitors. It is Brand Competitor, Product Competitor, Generic Competitors and Total Budget Competitors. Compare with the Brand Competitors, Lipton Tea has similar features and benefits to the same customers and at the similar prices. Compare with Product Competitors, Lipton Tea has compete in the same product class with...