Mtv Network: the Arabian Challenge

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MTV Network: The Arabian Challenge

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge 3

Major Problems 3

Cross-Culture Negotiations and Decision Making 4

Case Question #1 5

Case Question #2 7

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There are many challenges that a company faces when they are expanding operations to compete in a global market. Factors such as culture, economy, and government regulations are challenges that many companies face in order to compete and expand into a global market. Negotiation is a key term that is the platform that allows organizations to develop and diverge into other countries and nations. Building relationships or already having established relationships in other countries can be very beneficial for companies as well. When companies participate in negotiations there is room for other aspects such as managing conflict, persuasion, and agreements. The case that will be analyzed describes the process of how one American company faces challenges when trying to launch into the global market. All of the factors mentioned above with have disparate impact on the challenge of expanding into global markets with a very fluid culture.

MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge

The Music Television Network (MTV) pioneers a global expansion strategy in the Middle East. MTV wanted to have a presence in the Middle East by offering the nation a new television network. The idea of expansion was great; however the idea also offered many obstacles that had to be overcome before the expansion. MTV conducted background research along with the idea. A major percentage of the Arabian populations were the ages MTV catered to in Western countries and this research also solidified MTV’s desire for expansion. MTV was known for displaying controversial material and making mockeries of certain forms of entertainment (Deresky, 2011).

Major Problems

The first challenge was deciding on the audience and...