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Transportation Management System Software Selection RFP Template

I am doing a writeup for selection Criteria for TMS system:


Transportation involves many different parties within and outside a company who are required to routinely share information and ideas. A fully functional transportation management system should provide the basic components of a shared information system to support:

- Content such as rates, routes, roles, and contracts at inter-enterprise generic levels

- Commerce to support and create transaction sets, documents, and information exchanged to facilitate the booking, execution, and settlement of transportation movements on an "any-to-any" level

- Collaboration for real-time and interactive exchange between multiple parties, irrespective of roles


1 System Definition and Implementation

1.1 Enterprise Setup

1.2 Administration

1.3 Location Setup

1.4 Lane Setup

1.5 Geography Setup

1.6 Carrier and Contract Details

1.7 Setup for Rate Enquiry

2 Interface and Integration

2.1 Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

2.2 International trade logistics (ITL)

2.3 Global trade management (GTM)

2.4 Order management systems (OMS)

2.5 Warehouse management systems (WMS)

2.6 Routing (if not part of TMS)

2.7 Optimization (if not part of TMS)

2.8 Rating

2.9 Billing

2.10 Financial--invoicing and accounts receivable (AR)

2.11 Shipment tracking--linked to external systems, for example customer relationship management (CRM)

3 Required Features and Functions

Transportation management systems should enable users to perform all key functions when planning, executing and analysing transportation movements.

3.1 Planning

3.2 Execution

3.3 Shipment Tracking

4 Analysis

4.1 Analysis Functionality

4.2 Freight Bill Payment and Rate Matching

5 Product Technology

5.1 Architecture

5.2 User Interface

5.3 Platforms

5.4 Application Tools

5.5 Reporting