The Case of the New Apple, Managerial Marketing

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The Case of the New Apple, Inc.

Jaime Puphal

Managerial Marketing

September 24, 2012

The Case of the New Apple, Inc.

Apple, which has been the leading brand of technology for years, was in good hands with Steve Jobs as the CEO. It is crucial for Apple to synthesize the generic strategies and segmentation strategies that can be implemented within the company to prevent them from going down, to know what is expected of them as a company in the future, and to explore whether or not the company will experience a continuation of its current trajectory or their luck change.

Game of Jeopardy

Since the death of Steve Jobs, it seems that Apple’s brand may be in jeopardy. Burrows and Satariano (2012) explained that the biggest issue “will be if Apple’s upcoming products can’t meet expectations” (¶7). Schiller, the new brain of Apple, has the potential to create quality products similar to Steve Jobs. It is just a matter of Schiller coming up with the ideas and putting them into order.


In order to prevent Apple from going down, it is essential that the company synthesizes strategies that can be implemented within the company. This process consists of generic strategies and segmentation strategies. Finch (2012) explained that segmentation consists of creating submarkets by dividing the whole market “based on similar wants, needs, behaviors, or other characteristics” and is used to enhance products and services, as well as to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers (¶). In the end, these strategies should stop Apple’s downward spiral.

It is important that the company continues to uses segmentation strategies on a regular basis.. It will give the company the ability to keep up with the change in demands and technology. Market segments give companies the ability to create products that fulfill the needs and wants of their customers. It is knowing what the customers that makes the company’s profit. The more successful their products are at...