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Biden, Ryan go head to head but they cant see eye to eye in vice presidential debate Article by: Seth McLaughlin and Susan Crabtree

The article starts out by saying that Biden was looking to “erase the memory of President Obama’s Performance from a week ago.” Ryan the republican nominee stood his ground and fought back arguing about various things the Obama administration has done wrong. Ryan also said that the democrats would be raising taxes on the middle class. Biden then said that the republican’s own tax plan doesn’t add up, Biden also raised the issue of Romney saying that Fourty –seven percent of Americans are dependent on the government and see themselves as victims.

With Martha Raddatz as moderator the two men wasted time in battling. Mr. Biden chuckled and laughed through much of Mr. Ryans claims. Then it turned in conversation about jobs. Mr. Ryan then got a little personal by bringing up economic troubles facing Mr. Biden’s home town of Scranton,PA. to hammer the presidents record on unemployment. He then goes on to tell MR. Biden that unemployment is 10% there. He then asks him do you know what it was when you came in? Mr.Biden states , “No, I don’t “ Eight –point –five percent Ryan answers and he says that is how it is all around America.

The styles of Biden and Ryan couldn’t be more different. Before the debate ended they wrestled over who would do a better job safeguarding medicare. Also they are both catholic and they both spelled out their views on their catholic faith. The Moderator also had them touch on the hot topic of abortion.

Ryan also talked about Biden’s foot in mouth comments. Biden then said, ”But I always say what I mean.” After the debate Mr.Obama said he was “going to make a special point of saying that I thought Joe Biden was Terrific tonight. I could not be prouder of him.”

This article for the most part was thorough in touching on what was discussed in the vice presidential debate. There really wasn’t a...