Project Mandate

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Originator | | Programme Name | |

SRO / Programme Director | | Programme Manager | |

Users / Customers | | Business Change Manager(s) | |

Background | |

Where did the programme originate – refer to organisation strategy papers, government legislation, audit reports, lessons learned reports etc. |

Organisation Goals / Strategic Fit | |

How the programme fits into the organisation mission and goals and any other initiatives that are already underway or will be underway during the programme’s lifetime. |

Description of new or changed capability | |

What the programme is intended to deliver in terms of new services and / or operational capability |

Organisational Areas affected | |

Description of change for each affected organisational area, where possible expressed in terms of changes to Processes, Organisation, Tools & Technology and Information use. |

Benefits to the Organisation | |

How the organisation will be improved as a result of delivering the new services / capabilityThe definition of the benefits must pass four critical tests: 1. Description – what precisely is this benefit? 2. Observation – what differences should be noticeable between the pre- and post-programme business operation in a Programme Benefits Review or audit? 3. Attribution – where in the future business operations does the benefit arise? 4. Measurement – how will the benefit and the achievement of the benefit be measured? |

In Scope | |

What is included in the programme in terms of organisational involvement, geography, departments, functions etc. |

Exclusions / Constraints | |

What is excluded from the programmeAre there any constraints on the programme. These could be financial, time based or functional / quality constraints e.g. it must be finished by end 2007. |

Timescales | Estimated start date, duration |

Budget | Estimated Costs, limit of funding, funding sources |

Authorisation to...