How to Select Appropriate Natural Raw Material Crusher

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Natural raw materials used in cement productions are mainly calcareous and clay, in addition, small amount of siliceous or aluminum correction of raw materials are needed to adjust the cement ingredients with iron. After crushing, these raw materials are grinded into a cement production material. Under the high standards of production technology and production capacity requirements in the cement production line, it is necessary to chose proper grinding and crushing equipment according to types of the raw materials.

Calcareous raw materials includes limestone, marl, marble and chalk etc., hammer crusher is a powerful weapon in raw materials crushing against stubborn limestone with high hardness , especially the limestone with high silicon content. It will reduce the limestone crushing costs for the cement companies. Impact Crusher can easily solve the problems in the crushing of the sandstone, sand, coal gangue and siltstone. Generally speaking, natural siliceous materials includes s sand and siltstone. Sulfur iron slag and iron slag belong to natural iron raw materials. Bauxite and coal gangue are aluminum materials. Impact Crusher is suitable for crushing bulk materials. The counter plate angle can be adjusted to ensure that the material in the counter plate between the rotor and shocks was in the right angle. It can largely improve the crushing efficiency. In general, the higher the crushing ratio is, the higher the mechanical efficiency will be. Natural clay materials mainly include clay, loess, shale, mudstone, powder ore, mud pumping and lake mud etc. The roll crusher is used in the market at present to crush clay and mudstones.

Therefore, in order to identify the crushing machinery efficiency, the unit power consumption need to be taken into consideration. The dry process cement production system has high fuel flexibility and superior than other production methods. For example, the new dry cement can use high silicon high magnesium raw shaft,...