Why Can We Not Love?

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Katrina Marian L. Dumanjug

Why Can We Not Love?

Wow, this question is incredibly amusing. I’m out of words. I mean, what’s up with it that I have been continuously confusing on? The moment it was assigned to us, I was in doubt if I could give a substantial reflection on it. I even had to ask the World Wide Web for articles and be enlightened to make my own. It even made me wonder how to describe the kind of feeling I have for my family, who was always there to guide me of my actions and my friends who painstakingly listened and understood me when I couldn’t share my problems with my family. I would be a liar if I say I just see them as ordinary people whom I render ordinary feelings/emotions. There’s really a deeper meaning to this query and it deserves to be expounded.

Love. Why do we speak of something unseen? Why do people go crazy over love? Is it a kind of drug that has the capability to manipulate people to do sorts of things? Honestly, I don’t really know. I can’t even recognize if I’m in that state. The only sign is that I’m considerably happy and the people I’m with, also gives me back the same kind of emotion. However, as the definition of love states, it is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment and we know that we don’t render this to just any kind of person. Strangers are not the ones whom we would care for unless we come to know and understand the situations he/she has been going through. This is the same in the normal Facebook page, you wouldn’t see the word love as your options to select for something written in there instead you would be given like or dislike. Maybe it is good to rephrase the question into, “Why can we not love that easily?” or better yet, “What hinders us to love?”

Fear of loss. How does it feel to be pricked by a needle? Or be slapped on the face without knowing the...