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Benjamin Liou

Professor Crandall


19 March 2012

Anarchist: Passive Techniques with Effective Impact

For centuries anarchists have been fighting to get their words heard. Their opposing forces have either crushed their hopes or deter them away from success. As time went on, anarchists have evolved and experienced many protests, learning from their mistakes. Now in modern times, activists from different types of causes have learned a new but passive way of protesting. This revolutionary technique have put the power-holders in awkward positions and at the same time spread their words of freedom. By showing them love, instead of violence, oppositions can no longer harm them physically but stand-by and watch. This demonstrates the full potential anarchism can generate, creating agreements instead of conflicts.

Corporate media’s have manipulated the public, using words of “violent protest” to “violent riots” to portray anarchism as an evil doer. But with new passive tactics, the anarchists are now using brains over brawns and fighting against unfairness with ridiculous but amusing ways. Activists are now dressing up in costumes to dissuade any violence that may arise from a protest. They dress up in custom made clothing, much like Halloween costumes, connecting to their cause; making a violent impact but yet subtle and peaceful message. During the Ya Basta movement, people wore “tute bianche” or white padded foam materials that resembled the army of officers they were opposing. This mock army pushed through the opposing forces with ease as they stood by shocked and stumbling over what alternatives they can take. The public saw this as amusing and hilarious, eventually supporting their cause with the much media attention they had received. Thus, they had successfully penetrated the government’s determent but also garnered enough support for their cause.

During the 19th century, the government had been widely publicizing that the anarchist movement are...