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Coca-Cola’s: Business Practices

Answer to Question 3:-

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of self-control a company is expected to perform in terms of its responsibility towards itself, the environment, the workers and the people. The history of the Coca-Cola Company shows the dedication and commitment of the company not only in bringing up the company but also pursuing excellence in quality. Robert Woodruff was one of greatest and well known presidents of the company was responsible in making Coca-Cola as one of today’s well recognized brands. It was also because of him that the company had made huge revenues and profits. Coca-Cola’s history also shows how they made the public aware of their genuine products by introducing the Hobble-Skirt design bottle and the Bell Shaped Fountain Glass and protect them from fake Coca-Cola products. Woodruff had established quality standards for every phase of bottling with the help of the bottle distributors to the company. But in the later years, the company’s stance round the world was not very good. The company had faced many lawsuits in many countries. Some of them include the lawsuit in Columbia, for using paramilitary personnel to keep trade unions in control. The other lawsuit was in Mexico for practicing illegal trade by threats and decline of stock if they didn’t sell Coca-Cola. And another in Kerala, India for not only contaminating the ground water, but also selling untreated waste as fertilizers to the unsuspecting farmers.

Coca-Cola’s stake holders are the ones who are also responsible for the running of the company and the activities related to it as well. Some of them are shareholders, bottlers, suppliers, the customers and consumers. Coca-Cola’s responsibility to each of them is small but significant. The responsibility to the Coca-Cola’s customers and consumers is to provide good and refreshing products without contamination or other problems, health related or otherwise. The...