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Parks fieldwork report and oral presentation

We will be investigating 3 parks:

The Native Gardens in Royal Park

The Royal Botanic gardens in Melbourne

A park in your home country

The Native Gardens at Royal Park

We will all be going to the Native Gardens on Friday October 5th.

We will meet outside FSC in Royal Parade at 8.40am

Bring your IPad and good walking shoes.

We will be doing some planting so may get dirty.

If it is wet please bring a rain jacket and if it is sunny, bring a sunhat as we will be working in the sun.

We will return to Trinity for your 11am class.

You will need to take notes, photos and voice record to help you answer questions 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 below.

There are no toilets in the gardens.

The written report:

The written report will be about the Native Garden and the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

The park in your home country will be presented separately as an oral presentation but must cover the same information.

1. Describe the location: distance and direction from CBD, name surrounding features

Include a map with BOLTSS (border, orientation or North point, legend or key, title, scale and source- where you got the map from)

2. Size of park in hectares

3. Brief History of the park eg: when developed as a park, former landuse, significant changes to the park

4. Activities and facilities for visitors eg: playgrounds, sporting facilities, seats, toilets, BBQ’s, drinking taps.

5. Aims and purpose of the park

6. Three types of plant species found there- name and brief description. Are these indigenous, native, introduced?

7. Three types of animal species found there- name and brief description. Are these indigenous, native, introduced?

8. Management and funding- who manages the park and where do they get money from?

9. Describe 3 Management problems eg: feral animals, weeds, lack of water, litter

10. Describe 3 Management techniques- what are they and are they successful?

11. Comparison of each park- main...