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International Business Project – Part B

Name:Roque Villegas___________

Team: _Teamazing__________

Section: _2________

Appendix A

Company History and Description

This can be either in paragraph or list form and should be 1-2 page description of the company’s history, current capacities, and competitive advantages. This appendix is just a further refined version of what you already did for your topic assignment which should have included the following:

1. Year Founded

2. Product Description

3. Number of employees and a breakdown by category (e.g. engineers, production workers, staff…)

4. Financial condition - amount of funding available for international expansion

5. Technology used in operations

6. Who are your main suppliers, customers, and competitors?

7. What is your competitive advantage (i.e. Why have you been successful?)

Appendix D

Trade Theory Application

(4 out of the 6 theories required)

Industry: flower | Description |

Mercantilism | |

Absolute Advantage | Toronto Sun, 05-05-12(first posting) -Elizabeth Stewart, a master gardner from Toronto, admires the Amorphophalus titanum or Titan Arum, which has bloomed at the Niagara Parks Floral Showcase in Niagara Falls. It is the tallest flower in the world and it’s believed to be the first time it has ever bloomed in Canada. The flower is 241 cm. (95 inches) in height.(TONY RICCIUTO/Niagara Falls Review) This article argues that Canada has an absolute advantage to produce the tallest...

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