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1. Name, title, company, business address and business phone number of the individual you interviewed.

Ms. Yabing Zhao,

Maersk Logistics; L’Oreal China,

338 Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Tel: 10-800-110-0931

Mr. Dennis Jamrose,

Sealing Solutions

1666 Division Street Palmyra, NY 14522

(315) 597-4811

2. Date, time and length of your interview : 11/14/12; 1 hrs (2:30pm-3:30pm)

3. My concentration : International Business and Supply Chain Management

4. Your career objective : Working as the supply chain manager in an international company.

5. Why you selected this particular individual to interview

Ms. Zhao was my teach for MGO302 and she shared a lot of her personal experiences with me. She has 3 years

work experiences in a international logistics company before she come to UB as a PHD student. She also got her

second job which is also related to supply chain management. I think she will be able to give me, an international

student, a lot of advisor.

Mr. Jamrose is also in the supply chain management. He has 15 years experiences. I would love to know from his

perspective, as a management level, what a supply chain management career looks like.

I choose to interview both because I want to know how it looks like in different stage/ time period of this career.

6. General background information concerning the interviewee: degree, years in current position,

etc. (Do not ask about interviewee’s salary.)

Ms. Zhao and Mr. Jamrose are both PhD student in Operational Supply Chain Management at

University at Buffalo. Ms. Zhao has 3 years and Mr. Jamrose has 15 years’ experience in the supply

chain career.

7. What are the primary tasks performed for this position, and what percentage of the day is spent in each of these primary tasks? 

Ms. Zhao mentioned that the main tasks for her is to keep track on the record and commutated with

customers(Wal-Mart most of the...

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