The Electronic Tablet

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The Electronic Tablet

Antonio Cabello Jr.

Bus 620 Managerial Marketing

August 7, 2011

Dr. Patricia Ryan

The Electronic Tablet

The focus of this paper is the electronic tablet. The present day use of smartphones has ignited the development of transforming the mobile phone, into a tablet. Someone once said, "in order to achieve success in the future, one must look to the past". In the field of electronics, the past tells us that development must be fast and innovative or the product may be declared dead on arrival. The development of smart technology is fast and marketing programs must equal the processing speed of such technology.

According to Deepu Talla, general manager of Texas Instruments' Open Multimedia Application Platform ® (OMAP) mobile computing business unit, it is estimated that 100 or more tablets are all running similar Honeycomb version of the Android ™ operating system, and with so many similar systems, it is unclear which model will stand out of the crowd (McGrath, 2011). The Android ™ 3.0 versions is a fast application, and replaced many smartphone operating systems, because of its speed, its application to tablets fit perfectly (McGrath, 2011).

Talla noted that processing speed is now a required component, but what the market is looking for is user experience, which has been proven by Apple's ® integrated operating system (iOS), which has been praised for the user experience they provide the consumer (McGrath, 2011).

Keeping with the perspective that user experience is the correct trend into the future market. This author has developed several macro trends, which to some may sound much like science fiction today, but realized innovation within the next five years.

* Imagining transparency. Imagining comparing application with known objects, such as comparing the human body. The identification of problems or illness, perhaps the most important trend, with wide applications in medical, education, and business.

* 3 D...