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May 13, 2012


The Vans advertisement “How to pick up girls with your feet" implies to patrons that because someone is wearing these shoes it is inevitable that women will want them regardless of their looks, personality, or status. According to this ad, the shoes will elevate you to an irresistible status in a woman's eyes. This brand is mostly synonymous with the skater and the BMX biker scene; however it seems the company is trying to appeal to a bigger market. This advertisement uses appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos to sell a product Vans insists will undoubtedly attract woman simply because female onlookers see these shoes being worn.

The visual image of an attractive woman in the advertisement is mainly working on a viewers need for acceptability in an attempt to motivate and convince them to purchase Vans shoes. The advertisement plays off the emotions of adolescence; teenagers and young adults are made to think that if they have these shoes beautiful women will be instantly attracted to them. Furthermore, the use of a beautiful woman with plump, full, luscious lips with a deep red lipstick color draws the viewer’s eyes immediately to the woman before anything else. This portrayal would lead one to believe wearing these shoes leads to gaining a beautiful, sensual woman.

Secondly, the advertisement has credibility because of its name (Vans) and the reputation they have created for themselves throughout the years since opening their doors for business in 1966. Since opening their doors they were unique in that they manufactured shoes and sold them directly to the public. As the company continued to grow through the seventies they inadvertently became the choice shoe brand of skateboarders since they had a rugged make up and a sticky sole that was instrumental to the shoe gripping the skateboard. With sales continuing to be strong throughout southern California in the seventies and with support...