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Gilgamesh Part 1 Answers

I consider someone to be heroic having a large amount of courage, strength, and being extremely noble. Being heroic is not just being brave but having the ability to be extremely self-sacrificing. I would consider Enkidu more heroic because until recently Gilgamesh was unable to find an equal in his territory. He always used his energy in destruction towards Uruk. He was a relentless tyrant towards the citizens of Uruk. He abused the men by sleeping with all of their wives before their new husbands do. The citizens eventually began complaining to the gods for someone to come and remove Gilgamesh from his seat of power. Enkidu began his life as a child fashioned from clay by the gods to be Gilgamesh’s companion. He was very crude and not very well mannered. He was taken in by one of Gilgamesh’s consorts and taught the ways of civilization over the course of seven days and seven nights. Even though he was born in the wild he is still chivalrous; he protected the shepherds that gave him food. Enkidu traveled to Uruk because he wanted to save the citizens from their tyrannical king and protect the women and their chastity from Gilgamesh. When he meets Gilgamesh they begin fighting, but Enkidu overcomes with friendship instead of violence. Eventually Enkidu became Gilgamesh’s brother and soul mate. Enkidu helped Gilgamesh change for the better and become a more compassionate human being. Even with those qualities he was unable to be the perfect hero due to his lack of respect to the gods. He disrespected Enlil by telling Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba and awakening Ishtar’s wrath.

The gods decided that Enkidu should die because he urged Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba and flung the hind of the Bull of Heaven at Ishtar which led her to complain to her father. The Bull of Heaven was sent to Gilgamesh from the gods as an act of retaliation by rejecting Ishtar. Enlil was angry that Enkidu had encouraged the unauthorized slaughter of Humbaba. Ishtar...