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18 March


Revolution of Theatre




Theatre can be defined in many different ways, whether it explores a true story or even a traditional dance.

This report shows that theatre was evolved from simple myths, and culture. Over the years Paris faced a change in the way theatre was perceived. In the past before and during the time of Moliere, it was crucial to keep it strictly within society’s norms. After a breakout with the play King Ubu by Alfred Jarry, theatre began to shape itself to how it is today.

Today theatre means freedom, expressing emotion, thoughts and ideas. It is now a common art form that can be about anyone or anything. The report concludes by stating that the arts show how the world has revolutionized and that media today is a potential threat for it to grow further. This was supported by a number of resources; an interview, books, the internet and the author’s personal experience.

Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Procedure 4

Origin of Theatre 4

Social behavior during the time of writing of “King Ubu” 6

The Comedie Francaise 6

The play performed on July 21 2009 8

The theatre today 9

Affect of media 9

Conclusion 10

References 11


As Eugene O’Neill once said “It is Mystery -- the mystery any one man or woman can feel but not understand as the meaning of any event -- or accident -- in any life on earth ... [that] I want to realize in the theatre”. Theatre started of as a common form of entertainment whereby only the fortunate and rich were able to get a taste of this art.

Theatre arts began in Greece and Rome and carried to the fall of the Roman Empire towards the middle ages. It was then reborn during the Renaissance period, when Shakespeare created an impact towards the art. As the years went by, theatre started growing and further developed into an art that anyone of all ages and background can enjoy.

Nowadays we can even use theatre to escape our thoughts and...